Davis Tent and Awnings: Escape and go off grid

A camping adventure is a great way to disconnect from the day-to-day grind while connecting with the great outdoors.  Still, access to some basic appliances can make a camping trip so much more comfortable.  With Pvilion Solar-Powered Awnings now a part of the Davis Tents and Awnings eco-friendly product line offerings, there is no excuse to not be comfortable when camping. 

Pvilion is an industry leader in providing solar powered canopy structures that are light weight, flexible, easy to install, yet durable, energy efficient and above all environmentally friendly.  Pvilion’s products are turnkey and support unique space and location configurations. Davis Tent and Awnings, with Pvilion’s state-of-the-art technology, offers a cost effective, quick and reliable outdoor structure solution. The solar awning can be erected and electrically operational within a minimal amount of time. 

The Base Model can power lighting in addition to small appliances and charge mobile devices such as cellular phones. The more deluxe Comfort Model can power campground lighting in addition to larger appliances such as, televisions, mobile devices, climate control units, cooking ranges. Covered by solar cell integrated fabric and complete with a battery kit, the awning, when setup in a location that receives sunlight, can be operated independently for up to 3 days. The solar awning can be custom sized to fit any Davis Tent.  The solar fabric is flexible, yet durable and energy efficient. NO CARBON FOOTPRINT IS LEFT BEHIND!


Tommy Hilfiger Solar Clothing

Pvilion has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to design and produce a Solar Powered Jacket exclusively for the 2014 holiday season. The product features removable solar panels that provide energy to power electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. These specialty jackets will be available in select Tommy Hilfiger stores across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, and online at as of November 1, 2014.

 The detachable Pvilion solar panels snap easily on and off the back of the limited-edition jackets, while a cable running discreetly through the garment’s lining connects the panels to a removable battery pack in the jacket’s front pocket. A special snap-flap closure provides easy access to the battery pack, and its double USB port allows the user to conveniently connect it with up to two mobile phones, tablets or e-reader devices via USB cord. The battery pack can also be charged via a laptop or external power outlet, and when not in use, it stores energy for use at a later time.

The water resistant, lightweight removable solar panel unit is made with flexible amorphous silicon technology developed by Pvilion. When exposed to full sunlight, the high output solar cells can fully charge the battery pack which, in turn, can fully charge a standard 1500mAh mobile device up to four times.