public safety

public safety

Pvilion Public Safety: Creating Shade and Protection

why pvilion?

Pvilion’s design stands out for its flexible durability, minimal weight, energy efficiency and ease of installation. Pvilion’s technology has become a much-needed, quick and reliable solution for shelter and energy. Pvilion Solar Structures can be erected by a handful of workers and operational within a minimal amount of time.

It’s light weight, flexible, easy to install, yet durable and energy efficient solar structures provide climate-controlled protection from the elements with the ability to provide power for lighting, charging mobile devices in addition to multi-capability use, e.g. computers, climate control, cooking etc. Its designs support implementation in unique space requirements and bespoke customizations.

public safety projects

Brooklyn-based manufacturer partners with Rensselaer robotic team to develop rapidly deployable COVID-19 vaccination rooms
The Carol Roberts Field House Canopy at Yale University
Solar Sails at Skyland Park, Atlanta
Waterfront Solar Canopy Modules
Solar Shade Modules for ASU Sun Devil Stadium
Pvilion Solar Structures Use By Schools
Pvilion Solar Canopies at The New York Botanical Garden
Solar Charging Station for Corporate Event on Randalls Island
Solar Shade Canopy at Yankee Pier on Governor’s Island
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