How it Works


  • designs
  • engineers
  • prototypes
  • manufactures
  • installs

our technology


Pvilion’s Solar-Powered Fabric Products are a fully turn-key solution that provide energy in any location where fabric is exposed to the sun.


With sun exposure, Pvilion will be able to provide power to recharge smart phones or other electronic devices that might be needed to contact help in an emergency.


Pvilion products are environmentally friendly, with none of the toxic overhead and fumes from fossil fuel powered generators.


Pvilion’s Solar-Powered products are silent, never disturbing the tranquility sought in the great outdoors.

Ecological Footprint

No carbon-based fuels are needed for lighting or to recharge a smart phone. There is no impact on environment.

Durable Solar Technology

Pvilion is globally recognized for its award-winning designs that are elegant, field tested, durable, lightweight, and flexible.

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