Pvilion Solar Fabric Canopies for events, entertainment, dining, and all your outdoor hospitality needs.

why pvilion?

Pvilion is at the forefront of the modern world’s shift to clean energy – they integrate solar cells with fabric, thus providing fabric products that can generate electricity. Pvilion is a small, Brooklyn-based business that has been creating architecturally beautiful solar fabric canopies for over 10 years. The trademark of what they provide is that any surface exposed to the sun can feature flexible, durable solar-powered fabrics that produce clean energy.

Now, customers can relax and enjoy the comfort of power and shade while outdoors in any setting. Pvilion’s focus has been on creating sleek and functional solar canopies that are specially designed to meet the broad outdoor needs of hospitality settings – be it powering lights, equipment, charging stations, etc. Pvilion Solar Canopies produce solar energy that is stored in environmentally friendly, silent battery kits. No more need for noisy, polluting diesel generators.

hospitality projects

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