Pvilion’s Strength and Dependability: Achieving Sustainable Energy

why pvilion?

Pvilion, a solar-powered fabric products provider, has designed a relocatable canopy integrated with solar panels that can provide sustainable power from any location that receives sunlight. The design is perfect for usage where temporary structures are needed, e.g., warehousing, worker accommodations, emergency disaster services or any usage scenario that calls for self powered shelter

The canopy enables the speedy deployment and erection of temporary structures from which electrical equipment can be charged and operated independent of the local electricity grid. By reducing the need for traditional power sources used in most temporary structures, Pvilion is creating and powering temporary structures that are energy independent, easy to deploy and environmentally friendly.

custom projects

Anchor Industries: Clip-On Event Tent Attachment Kit
London Embassy Solar Facade
The Carol Roberts Field House Canopy at Yale University
2014 Solar Decathlon – Techstyle Haus
Carnegie Hall Gala Tent
Solar Sails at Skyland Park, Atlanta
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