Landscape Architects and
Designers Choose Pvilion

Build Beautiful & Sustainable Landscapes with Solar

Landscape architects are using Pvilion products to design and build carbon negative projects that over their lifespan will reduce emissions, and still remain aesthetically pleasing. Pvilion’s products range from stand-alone USB charging stations to easy to erect temporary structures, including canopies and awnings, all solar powered. The solar fabric provides environmentally safe power from the sun, power which can be used for lighting, climate control, water maintenance and to power mobile devices such as laptop computers, cellular phones, and handheld computers.

Landscape Designers are utilizing Pvilion offerings like its signature Single Pole Solar Sail, a free-standing canopy that can be erected anywhere that receives sunlight: parks, university campuses or in any public setting, and used to recharge mobile devices and provide lighting.

The Solar Sail is available in (3) versions: The Single Pole Solar Sail, a Dual Pole Solar Sail that can be used as a solar powered shelter, e.g., over a bus stop or bench, and a portable Quad Pole Solar Sail that stands out for its flexible durability, minimal weight, energy efficiency and ease of installation.

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landscape projects

Solar Sails at Skyland Park, Atlanta
Waterfront Solar Canopy Modules
Solar Shade Modules for ASU Sun Devil Stadium
Solar Canopy at Cascades Bridge
Miami Beach Bandshell Canopy
Pvilion Solar Canopies at The New York Botanical Garden
Solar Canopy
Shading and Powering Seaglass Carousel Park
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