Davis Tent and Awnings: Escape and go off grid

A camping adventure is the best way to disconnect from day-to-day life and connect with the great outdoors. While camping is a more sustainable choice of adventure, the impact on the environment is still ever-present if you haven’t invested in the right eco-friendly camping equipment to help lower your carbon footprint even further. Pvilion and Davis Tent and Awning partnered to design solar awnings for their eco-friendly glamping tents.

Davis Tent Solar Awning is the ultimate in providing energy in a complete turnkey product. Not only does this solar tent provide power to illuminate your campground and charge your mobile devices but it also provides enough energy to allow for multi-capability use, e.g. tv, computers, climate control, cooking etc. Covered by fabric integrated with solar cells and complete with a battery kit, the tent structure, when setup in a location that receives sunlight, can be operated independent up to 5 days. The solar awnings can be custom sized to fit any Davis Tent and are designed with solar that is light weight and flexible yet durable and energy efficient.