Capital Cascade Connector Bridge

Pvilion collaborated with Figg Bridge Engineers to design, fabricate, and install the first solar-powered pedestrian bridge in the world.

The bridge was completed in early June, and now connects the Cascade Park and Capital Trail in Tallahassee, Florida. As a landmark, the solar bridge is at the forefront of Tallahassee’s economic growth. The bridge was engineered to serve a critical function beautifully and sustainably.

Pvilion and Figg partnered to engineer state-of-the art infrastructure; Pvilion designed the solar canopy to harvest solar energy and light Cascades Park, and Figg designed the bridge. The canopy was manufactured in Pvilion’s Brooklyn studio.


Shading and Powering Seaglass Carousel Park

Pvilion installed umbrellas along the party area and line formation of the SeaGlass Carousel at the Battery Park Conversancy earlier this month.

Currently, the umbrellas provide beautiful shade around the Carousel. In the future, they will be equipped with solar arrays to generate electricity to charge phones in the line formation and shine light at night around the party area. The umbrellas were made with top-of-the-line Sunbrella fabric.