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Customer Spotlight: Nos Quedamos

By Julia Fowler

Recently we spoke with local organization and Pvilion customer, Nos Quedamos. We wanted to share more about the amazing work that they do for the community and why we at Pvilion support their endeavors.

Nos Quedamos, or “We Stay,” is a Community Development Corporation (CDC) that was formed in 1993 by Yolanda García as an effort to combat planned shrinkage and the displacement of local residents in the South Bronx. With the help of the committee and urban planner/architect Petr Stand, Yolanda oversaw the creation of 18 affordable housing buildings in the South Bronx, known as Melrose Commons.

The most recent building added to Melrose Commons, the nineteenth building created by Nos Quedamos, is cited as being the first project to have 100% of units considered to be affordable, with senior units distributed throughout the building rather than grouped together in a designated area.

Nos Quedamos is also known for being an early adopter and implementer of green practices in its buildings. Founder Yolanda García wanted the flooring of these buildings to be made from bamboo, as it was a more sustainable and allergy friendly option.

Despite being more expensive and a challenge to implement in the Melrose Commons buildings, she advocated for funding and made it possible. This practice was continued in the newest building as well, to uphold that standard.

Lately, under the current CEO Jessica Clemente, Nos Quedamos has been working on the Melrose Resiliency Plan, or Melrose 2.0. These efforts involve enhancing the beautiful, green community gardens that were formerly abandoned lots, and creating spaces that can be both enjoyed by members of the community and utilized during times of emergency.

These efforts began before the pandemic struck and came in handy during recent times of crisis. While the beautiful gardens provide residents with a place to connect with fellow members of their community, these spaces also provide shelter, wifi, clean water, and solar power in times of emergency.

“The community has gone through a lot of obstacles and challenges. It’s a community that by its very nature has been a resilient community. It has always bounced back; from the South Bronx burning in the 70s, to natural disasters over the years, to COVID-19 through the last two years. The community always comes out the other side smiling and hopeful. And that’s where Nos Quedamos gets its inspiration.”

– Edwin Pagán, Director of Communications

Pvilion’s solar canopies will be installed in 3 different locations and will help Nos Quedamos enhance their services. In addition to offering a backup supply of power in times of emergency, these solar canopies can also be used to power lights and heaters that will allow residents to come enjoy the parks at night after they get off work, provide outlets for chargers and equipment for community events, host class for nearby schools, so they may utilize the gardens for educational purposes, and support last minute events like emergency food distribution.

Rendering of Pvilion’s canopies to be featured in 3 of Nos Quedamos’s parks.

How Robotics and Automation Can Strengthen NYC Manufacturers for the Future

Recently Pvilion CEO Colin Touhey had the privilege of participating alongside an adept group of panelists in a learning session hosted by New York City Economic Development Corp.’s Futureworks Ops21 and the Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council of NYCSBS.

In it, they discuss robotics and automation, and their value for the future of NYC manufacturing.

Watch the full webinar now:


‘Project Arcwater’ reigns as 2022 Spark Tank winner

Official United States Air Force Website  |  March 4, 2022

By Tech. Sgt. Armando A. Schwier-Morales, Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

ORLANDO, Fla. (AFNS) — Senior Master Sgt. Brent Kenney, 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, received the 2022 Spark Tank trophy at the Air Force Association’s Warfare Symposium, March 4.

Kenney’s idea, “Project Arcwater,” is a simple, green, expedited way to save energy and provide drinking water by using solar fabric and environmental water harvesting in an agile combat employment. This will cut the operational energy and logistics associated with operations all around the Department of the Air Force.

It was a close competition as the six semi-finalist teams pitched their ideas to Air and Space Force senior leaders and industry experts during the symposium. As judges deliberated between the pitches, audience members online and in person cast their votes and selected Arcwater as a fan favorite. Shortly after, Arcwater was awarded as the 2022 Spark Tank winner.

“It was an amazing experience,” Kenney explained. “Being part of this process was amazing, getting to know all these other innovators and seeing how they are just as passionate as you are.”

The Spark Tank initiative allows Airmen from around the force to put forward some of their best innovative ideas and compete to make it reality.

Kenney created Arcwater to provide a system that aims to significantly decrease the logistics of transporting water and energy needs at off-the-grid locations through solar panels, a water harvester, and AC/heating tool, creating gallons of potable water out of thin air.

According to Kenney, now that Arcwater is the 2022 Spark Tank winner and has support from DAF, it can shift to reaching its full potential.

“Without the support of those that I work with in my office, I would not be here,” Kenney said.

To read the original article, click here.

Project ArcWater uses Pvilion’s solar powered fabric to harvest water, heat and cool, and provide shelter.


Anchor Industries: Clip-On Event Tent Attachment Kit

Continue hosting events with your favorite outdoor frame tent, now with all the benefits of solar powered energy. Pvilion’s clip-on fabric solar panels allow you to feature charging stations, coffee makers, fans, speakers, lights, televisions, or any other power needs you may have with ease when you host events.

Pvilion is an industry leader in providing solar powered fabric structures that are lightweight, flexible, easy to install, yet durable, energy efficient and above all environmentally friendly. Pvilion’s products are turnkey and support unique space and location configurations. Anchor Industries Inc, with Pvilion’s state-of-the-art technology, offers a cost effective, quick and reliable outdoor structure solution. The clip-on kit includes fabric solar panels that can be installed quickly and with ease. It’s perfect for Anchor’s F3 tent, and can be used on other tents as well.

The clip-on attachment can power charging stations, coffee makers, fans, microphones, speakers, lights, televisions and other small devices. Covered by solar cell integrated fabric and complete with a battery kit, the event tent clip-on attachment, when setup in a location that receives sunlight, can be operated independently. The solar fabric is flexible, yet durable and energy efficient. Enjoy the peaceful silence of a battery powering your next event. NO MORE NOISY GENERATORS DISRUPTING YOUR EVENTS!