Engineering Success with Colin Touhey of Pvilion

Pvilion of Brooklyn designs and manufactures flexible photovoltaic (PV) structures and products. Examples include deployable solar tents for the U.S. military, Tommy Hilfiger solar clothing, a solar fabric carport at Google, and fold-up solar chargers. In February 2019, researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) were awarded a Manufacturing Grant from FuzeHub’s Jeff Lawrence Manufacturing Innovation Fund to help Pvilion automate its solar fabric manufacturing process.

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Colin Touhey, Pvilion’s co-founder and CEO, recently caught up with FuzeHub in a NYS Manufacturing Now podcast. Touhey’s voice may be familiar to attendees at last year’s New York State Innovation Summit (part of the NYSTAR Annual Meeting), where he participated in a panel discussion at the “Navigating Start-Up Capital” session. An electrical engineer specializing in renewable energy technology, Touhey also spoke at a NYSTAR Defense Diversification workshop that was powered by FuzeHub in August 2018.

Listen to FuzeHub’s podcast with Pvilion to learn more about the rise of this dynamic company. In addition to telling Pvilion’s story, Touhey shares advice for startups and addresses challenges that manufacturers face. He also describes Pvilion’s successes and explains how his company has benefitted by working with NYS-funded assets. Click play below to listen to FuzeHub’s interview with Pvilion’s Colin Touhey.