Pvilion Awarded Contract By US Air Force To Provide 40 Solar Powered Integrated Structures By 2022

Press Release | By Julia Fowler   |  January 5, 2022

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Digital Journal — PVILION, a leading solar powered fabric product provider, announced that the company has been contracted by the United States Air Force’s Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) to manufacture up to 40 Solar Powered Integrated Structures for development and testing in 2022. These structures will be provided to seven different USAF end users. These users will range from the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) to the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). This will include both active duty and Air National Guard (ANG) units.

About the Products

“These structures will be used all in both expeditionary and austere environments for deployment during Agile Combat Employment (ACE) exercises and real-world scenarios,” said Carl Buhler, Brigadier General (ret), USAF. They are fully self-sufficient, and each structure will include Environmental Control Units (heating and air conditioning), energy storage, lighting, power, and backup generators for cases of inclement weather.

These products transcend the traditional model and will operate as a hybrid power solution, using solar as a primary source and generators as a backup source. This newer, more efficient line, allows the USAF to procure a full turn-key kit from Pvilion and integrate Pvilion’s products into existing structures and infrastructure, on both the power and tent side.

About Pvilion

Pvilion is a solar-based fabrics and tent company, who offers products that range from stand-alone solar canopies to solar military tents, grid-tied long span structures, solar powered charging stations, solar powered curtains, building facades, backpacks and clothing. They are known for integrating solar cells with fabrics and building fabric products that can generate electricity.

About the Program

This program is a continuation of a successful 2019 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program through the RSO and AFWERX. The RSO’s mission is to identify, apply, and scale small business innovations. “The RSO is excited to test Pvilion’s technology with seven separate end-users, and prove out the benefit before potentially scaling to the larger US Air Force,” said Heath Wiseman, Chief of RSO Product Management.

About the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office

Established by the Secretary of the Air Force in 2018, the RSO increases mission readiness by rapidly identifying, applying, and scaling technology essential to the operation and sustainment of the United States Air Force. 

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