4 Reasons Why Non-Traditional Solar Options Are Changing Outdoor Venues

Pvilion Blog |  May 2023 | Julia Fowler

1. Flexibility is the Future

Non-traditional solar is changing the game for renewable energy in temporary event and hospitality spaces due to the unique flexibility it offers. Solar fabric is:

  • Lightweight. It can be used in most outdoor spaces where heavy, traditional glass solar panels could not be used.
  • Used for permanent or temporary structures. Seasonal spaces and temporary venues can feature sustainable, battery powered shelter anywhere that its needed.
  • Suitable in spaces where traditional solar isn’t. Its lightweight and flexible nature allows it to be positioned and erected uniquely in spaces where clunky, traditional glass panels just don’t fit.
  • Opportunistic – any surface becomes an opportunity for solar. If there is an open space that receives plenty of sunlight, it can generate energy with the simple addition of solar fabric shelter.

2. Harmful Fumes Are Exiting the Building

There’s no question as to whether diesel generators are harmful. California recently passed legislation banning gas-powered generators (AB-1C346), and many other states are likely to follow suit. This is due to the many negative health effects tied to the toxic emissions of most gas-powered generators.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Burden of Disease 2019 study, air pollution was the third highest ranking risk factor of diseases that resulted in death globally. Other studies by Energy Report have found that the average diesel generator emits fumes that contain over 40 toxic air pollutants, most of which are carcinogenic. Some of the highest concentrates of pollutants found include PM10, CO, and VOCs.

Air pollutants aren’t only harmful to human health. They also cause long-term damage to the surrounding environment, climate, and ecosystems. Replacing diesel generators with solar powered battery kits offsets 100% of these emissions. It’s that simple.

3. Peace and Quiet

Harmful fumes aside, diesel generators are also linked to hearing loss. Small 50kW generators typically produce about 85 decibels while running. Several hours of exposure to this level of volume can cause hearing loss. Larger generators can lead to even larger problems – A 1500 kW generator typically emits 105 decibels, which can cause hearing loss after just one minute of close exposure, according to a 2018 United State Air Force commentary. Additionally, the CDC also warns against the dangers of hearing damage associated with the use of diesel generators.

Traditional diesel generators are not only loud and generally unpleasant to be around, but they are also linked to permanent hearing loss to those working closely with them. Battery kits powered by solar energy are completely silent. No more noise interrupting events or causing permanent loss of hearing.

4. Tax Credits and Financial Incentives

Pvilion provides turnkey products that are eligible for a 30 percent Solar Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). That means that the full 30 percent ITC applies to nearly 100 percent of your Pvilion solar product order. This includes the cost of the entire structure and energy storage system, as well as any labor and permitting for installation, all hardware and equipment, and applicable sales tax. This is before factoring in additional state incentives. Thanks to tax incentives like the ones currently in place, the addition of non-traditional solar power to shade systems essentially pays for itself.

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