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The Carol Roberts Field House Canopy at Yale University

The Carol Roberts Field House, design by KG&D Architects, is the locker room, training room, coach’s office, meeting space and observation deck for the women’s field hockey and softball teams. Pvilion provided design assist services to KG&D Architects for the Canopy and was the Contractor for the fabrication and installation of the Canopy.


Carnegie Hall Gala Tent

Imagine erecting a 5,000 square foot, elegant, and grand building for events in just a few hours. Using Pvilion’s high pressure air beam technology and design, this event product is the first of its kind, combining architectural design and high tech fabric work.

The Gala Event Structure has already hit the market in 2014, and will be sure to turn heads in the temporary event space. Set it up on a rooftop, in a field, or anywhere you can imagine, and this Gala Event Structure will blow your mind.


Solar Glamping Tents at Rockaway Beach

Pvilion is excited to offer our Solar Event Tents for temporary and semi-permanent applications. Leveraging our 30+ years of experience with the U.S. Army, Pvilion has developed a solar-powered fabric skin that is easily adaptable for small and large fabric structures. Lightweight and easy to install, this remote power solution will provide shade and reliable charging for your cell phones, tablets computers and batteries. 

Whether you are hosting a large outdoor event or enjoying some off-grid camping, our Solar Event Tents have you covered.

public safety

Solar Shade Canopy at Yankee Pier on Governor’s Island

Pvilion built and installed the solar canopies at Yankee Pier to provide shade for passengers waiting for the ferry to Brooklyn, and to power the lighting that turns the canopies into a Governors Island icon at night – visible from Brooklyn, and for a mile up and down the East River. These economical, multi-year solar frame tents were constructed for a budget comparable to that of renting commercial tents for one season.

The colorful fabric solar panels are attached to the canopy fabric and frame in a playful “zig-zag” pattern. Pedestal platforms high up on the metal frame support the battery boxes that store the solar electricity that powers the LED RGB lighting bars suspended from the top of the frame.