Winner | 2023 BLT Built Design Awards

Pvilion’s Quad Pole Solar Sail wins a 2023 BLT Built Design Award in Landscape Architecture.

October 2023

This project included the design and installation of eight outdoor solar powered canopies at the New York Botanical Garden. These large, sturdy canopies were designed to provide the garden with plenty of sheltered outdoor space where visitors can relax in the shade on sunny days, charge their devices, and eat lunch provided by the nearby food trucks. They are strategically placed near the entrance by the food truck area of the garden, where they easy for visitors to find and enjoy.

The fabric used for the canopies is integrated with specialty solar technology that is lightweight, flexible, and easily integrated into unique and beautiful designs. The canopies are also waterproof, fire-retardant, UV-resistant, and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. The outlets beneath the canopy are completely powered by the batteries connected to solar fabric system. These sustainable and carefully designed canopies were added to the park as an effort to solve the garden’s need for easily accessible outdoor seating and off-grid power supply.

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