Solar Textiles: The Flexible Solution for Solar Power

Textile Institute Professional Publications Series | November 21, 2022 | By Robert Mather, John Wilson

Featured on the cover, the authors discuss Pvilion’s PV fabric technology and products throughout the book.

Book Description

Most photovoltaic (PV) installations utilise heavy conventional glass or polycarbonate panels, and even newly developed thin plastic or metal films for PV cell use may fracture during both construction and application. Textile fabrics, the most widespread flexible materials in everyday use, offer a solution to the need for lightweight, flexible solar PV generators. Solar Textiles: The Flexible Solution for Solar Power is about the incorporation and operation of solar cells on textile fabrics. The combination of textile manufacturing and solar PV cell technology opens up further avenues for both the textile and semiconductor industries. Thus, this book reflects the progressively increasing commercial interest in PV cell technology and the versatility that their integration in textiles provides.

  • Discusses textiles as electrical substrates
  • Explains the photovoltaic effect and associated parameters
  • Offers special consideration of solar cells on textiles
  • Compares fibres and fabrics and how to implement PV activity on a textile
  • Describes manufacturing methods outside of semiconductor technology
  • Includes applications open only to textiles

This work is aimed at textile technologists, electronic engineers, solar technologists, civil engineers and designers in building fabrics and architecture.

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