The Architecture MasterPrize Award 2022 – “Best of Best” Winner in Sustainable Products

Solar Powered Emergency Relief Tent

The Architectural Products Design Awards recognizes and awards the greatest architectural product designers and manufacturers. It seeks to celebrate the ingenuity of products and materials that make great architecture possible, and shine a light on those who create well-made, functional, long lasting, sustainable, beautiful and innovative products.

  • Lead Designer: Todd Dalland
  • Company/Studio: Pvilion
  • Team Members: Colin Touhey, Robert Lerner
  • Client: Florida Power and Light

This product conveniently aligns shelter, solar, and energy storage to offer a fully off-grid system that can function in almost any setting. The fabric featured on this structure is Pvilion’s signature solar cell integrated fabric, meaning that these tents can generate power for emergency response, disaster relief, lighting, environmental controls, and electrical devices, fully independent from the grid. Its convenient design allows for easy set-up, transport, and function. The lightweight tent offers 200 square feet of usable space and can be fully erected in 20 minutes.

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